Research in Progress – August 2006

Lori Andrews was awarded a $220,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to explore the relationship between intellectual property law and nanotechnology. The project will monitor the extent to which patents related to nanotechnology have been granted and identify existing and potential problems with the patent system’s response to nanotechnology. Included in the project will be a claim-by-claim analysis of patents to determine the nature, incidence, and potential impact of nanotechnology patents.

Professor Andrews, along with co-authors Julie Burger and Marianne Timm, is writing a chapter for a book about nanotechnology which will examine unique issues that nanotechnology will raise in intellectual property law and will discuss what impact the current intellectual property system will have on nanotechnology research, development and progress.

Martin Malin has completed an article, Charter Schools and Collective Bargaining: Compatible Marriage or Illegitimate Relationship?, which is currently under submission to law reviews.

Nancy Marder is working on an article on voir dire, which is the process by which prospective jurors are questioned in open court to determine if they can be impartial.  She is looking at the stated purposes of voir dire, which voir dire is poorly designed to accomplish, as well as the unstated and fairly controversial purposes that voir dire is well-suited to accomplish. The working title of this article is The Unspoken Purposes of Voir Dire.

Ronald Staudt prepared a Draft White Paper as a key deliverable from a June 2006 conference hosted by Chicago-Kent. The Workshop on Access to Justice, Leveraging Law Students and Technology was attended by 40 judges, legal educators and legal aid experts. Funded by the State Justice Institute, the Workshop aimed to identify models for new ways to involve law students in delivering legal aid using technology.

Joan Steinman is working on the 2007 Supplement to Volume 14B of the Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure treatise, and the 2007 Pocket Part to Volume 14C of the same treatise.

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