Research in Progress – August 2005

Graeme Dinwoodie is at work on a book, Achieving Balance in International Intellectual Property Law with Rochelle Dreyfuss, and they have just agreed to publish the book with Oxford University Press.

Professor Dinwoodie also is at work on the second edition of his casebook, International Intellectual Property Law And Policy (with Perlmutter and Hennessey).

He is working on two trademark law papers, Trademark Law and Social Norms and Trademark Use (the latter with Mark Janis).

Steven Heyman has completed half of the manuscript for his book, Free Speech and Human Dignity. The book is slated for publication by Yale University Press in 2007.

Martin Malin, together with Professors Kenneth Dau-Schmidt (Indiana University -Bloomington), Christopher Cameron (Southwestern), Roberto Corrada (Denver) and Catherine Fisk (Duke), is writing a new casebook, Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace. The book will be published by Thomson/West.

Nancy Marder is writing an article, Bringing Jury Instructions Into the Twenty-First Century,to be published in a 2005 symposium issue of Notre Dame Law Review. The symposium topic is Federal Courts, Practice and Procedure.

Another article, Peremptory Challenges and Justice Stevens’ Commitment to Nondiscrimination,will be published in 2006 in a Fordham Law Review symposium issue on the Jurisprudence of Justice Stevens.

Henry Perritt is continuing work on a new law review article on music file sharing and its impact on the economics of the music industry.

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