Research in Progress – August 2004

Bartram Brown is currently working on an article on The Complementary Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and the Balance Between State Responsibility and Individual Criminal Responsibility.

Martin Malin (together with University of Kansas Psychology Professor Monica Biernat) has been awarded a grant from the National Academy of Arbitrators Research Foundation for a project entitled, “An Empirical Investigation of Factors Affecting Outcomes of Discipline Arbitrations Where Work and Family Responsibilities Conflict.”

Joan Steinman is co-authoring the 2nd edition of a casebook on Appellate Courts, along with Dan Meador, Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Virginia, and Thomas Baker, a law professor at Florida International University.

Dan Tarlock is currently working on a chapter in the Foundation Series, “Stories.” His chapter is about a leading environmental law case.

Professor Tarlock will spend a leave (earned) in the Fall 2004 Semester to start work on a book, co-authored with Professor Holly Doremus of the University of California, Davis, on water and endangered species conflicts, which will be published by Island Press.

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