Research in Progress – April 2014

Lori Andrews is writing a law review article on the increasing pervasiveness of gamification in employment and its implications for labor law.  On behalf of the Center for Information, Society and Policy at IIT Chicago-Kent, she applied for a cy pres grant to continue research, policy work, and advocacy in the area of cyber-security and cyber-rights.


Nancy Marder is working on production of her article, Jurors and Social Media:  Is a Fair Trial Still Possible?, for SMU Law Review.


Sheldon Nahmod is currently working on the 2014 Update to his treatise, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983 (4th ed. 2013). The treatise is celebrating its 35th year of publication.


Joan Steinman is working on the 2015 Pocket Parts to Volumes 14B & C of the Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure treatise, and on articles on the constitutionality of the removal provisions of the Energy Policy Act and on conduct-based waivers of the rights to remove and to obtain remand of removed cases. She also is working on updating selected chapters of the Appellate Courts casebook that she co-authored.

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