Research in Progress – April 2009

Lori Andrews is working with other Institute for Science, Law and Technology staff members to produce a monograph detailing the potential legal issues that could arise over the lifespan of a person with diabetes. The monograph will also include policy recommendations and will be distributed as a reference tool to key lawyers, lawmakers, patients, scientists, members of the public, education leaders and others. She is also working with the American Diabetes Association on a monograph of legal and medical issues for school children with diabetes.

Professor Andrews has also been working on a pro bono case with the ACLU. She continues to serve on the Bioethics Advisory Council of the March of Dimes Foundation, and will travel to New York for a national meeting in May 2009. She also continues to write for the ISLAT Blog, which can be viewed at

She is currently editing a symposium issue of Chicago-Kent Law Review based on the conference “Who Owns Your Body?,” which was sponsored by ISLAT and held at Chicago-Kent College of Law in May 2007. The conference explored the ethical and legal issues surrounding Michael Crichton’s novel Next.

Professor Andrews is working with her co-authors to revise their casebook, Genetics:  Ethics, Law, and Policy, for a third edition to be published by Thomson/West.

William Birdthistle has been invited by Case Western Reserve Law Review to submit a paper for a symposium on institutional investors. His topic will be the role of institutional investors in private investment funds.

Nancy Marder is writing a chapter, Instructing the Jury, for The Oxford Handbook of Language and Law, edited by Larry Solan and Peter Tiersma, which will be published by Oxford University Press.

Professor Marder is also doing research for an article whose working title is Theories of Juror Bias, Voir Dire and Jury Decision-making. Her research includes the study of the British jury, and how British courts ensure impartial juries even though the British jury system does not include any voir dire.

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