Research in Progress – April 2006

Lori Andrews is currently writing a law review article on individual rights and gene patents, based on an Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future project with the ACLU.

She is also the principal investigator on a National Science Foundation grant on intellectual property issues raised by nanotechnology. She is analyzing patent laws and policies nationally and internationally, analyzing how the patent laws have responded to other emerging technologies, and analyzing the special challenges raised by nanotechnologies (regarding novelty and strict liability, for example).

Nancy Marder is completing work on an article Cyberjuries: A New Role as Online Mock Juries as part of a symposium issue of the Toledo Law Review on online dispute resolution.

Sheldon Nahmod is currently preparing the 2006 update for his two volume treatise, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983 (4th ed., West Publishing, 1997, 2005).

Carolyn Shapiro is working on a law review article, Applying Rules of Law: An Empirical Study of the Supreme Court’s Announcement and Application of Rules and Standards.

She is writing a book review of Artemus Ward and David L. Weiden, Sorcerers’ Apprentices: 100 Years of Law Clerks at the United States Supreme Court (NYU Press, 2006), and Todd C. Peppers, Courtiers of the Marble Palace: The Rise and Influence of the Supreme Court Law Clerk (Stanford University Press, 2006).

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