Research in Progress – April 2004

Graeme Dinwoodie is working on several book chapters:

“Conflicts and International Copyright Litigation: the Role of International Norms,” to be published in Intellectual Property in the Conflict of Laws (Metzger ed. 2004).

“The Institutions of International Intellectual Property Law: New Actors, New Sources and New Structures,” to be published in Proceedings of the 98th Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law (2004).

“Formalism and Functionality,” to be published in Concurrence and Convergence of Intellectual Property Rights (Grosheide ed. 2004).

“Patents and the Public Domain,” to be published in Commodification of Information: the Future of the Public Domain (Hugenholtz and Guibault eds., 2005) (with R. Dreyfuss).

Joan Steinman is working on the 2005 pocket parts to Volumes 14B and C of Wright et al., Federal Practice and Procedure.

Professor Steinman’s article, Irregulars: The Appellate Rights of Persons Who are Not Full-Fledged Parties, is in progress.

Richard Wright has been invited to write several entries (Causation in Tort Law; Tort Law and Insurance; Negligence; Fault; and Rationality and Reasonableness) for a forthcoming online Encyclopedia of Legal Theory that is being produced by the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. He will meet with approximately 20 other internationally prominent legal theorists at the University of Lund, Sweden, in December 2004 to help structure the encyclopedia and its entries.

Professor Wright is also working on several articles and books on the basic principles of tort liability and legal reasoning and adjudication.

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