Research in Progress – November 2005

Nancy Marder is completing work on an article, Bringing Jury Instructions Into the Twenty-First Century, which will be published in Notre Dame Law Review as part of its special issue on Federal Courts, Practice & Procedure.

She is also completing work on an article entitled Justice Stevens, the Peremptory Challenge, and the Jury, which will be published in Fordham Law Review as part of its symposium issue on the Jurisprudence of Justice Stevens.

Joan Steinman is working on the second edition of the casebook Appellate Courts: Structures, Functions, Processes, and Personnel (with Daniel J. Meador and Thomas E. Baker), which is due to be published in March, 2006, and a Teachers’ Manual for the book. She also is working on the 2007 Pocket Parts to the Wright & Miller Federal Practice & Procedure treatise, Volumes 14B and C.

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