Publications – November 2010

Lori Andrews has two forthcoming chapters: Sculpting Public Policy through Bioart, in Art et Biotechnologies, (Ernestine Daubner and Louise Poissant, eds., University of Quebec: Quebec, forthcoming 2010) (with Jalissa Bauman Horne) and A Pound of Flesh: Patient Legal Action for Human Research Protections in the Biotech Age, in Impatient Voices: Patients as Policy Actors for U.S. Health Care, (Beatrix Hoffman, Rachael Grob and Mark Schlesinger, eds., Rutgers University Press, forthcoming 2010) (with Julie Burger).

Professor Andrews recently published the chapter, Genetic Sequence Patents: Historical Justification and Current Impacts, in Living Properties: Making Knowledge and Controlling Ownership in the History of Biology, Berlin, Germany (Jean-Paul Gaudillière, Daniel J. Kevles, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger eds., Monograph, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, 2010) (with Jordan Paradise).

Professor Andrews, along with her co-authors Max Mehlman and Mark Rothstein, published a revision to their casebook, Genetics: Ethics, Law, and Policy, 3rd edition (Thomson/West, 2010).

Katharine Baker has published her article, Marriage and Parenthood as Status and Rights: The Growing, Problematic and Possibly Constitutional Trend to Disaggregate Family Status from Family Rights, 71 Ohio St. L.J. 127 (2010).

Christopher Buccafusco has published two articles:

Valuing Intellectual Property: An Experiment, 96 Cornell L. Rev. 101 (2010) (with Christopher Sprigman).

Retribution and the Experience of Punishment, 98 Calif. L. Rev. 101 (2010) (with John Bronsteen and Jonathan Masur).

The Creativity Effect has been accepted for publication by University of Chicago Law Review.

Suzanne Ehrenberg’s article, Summative Assessments in Legal Writing: The Timed Memo, will be published in the Fall, 2010 issue of The Second Draft.

David Gerber has published two articles:

Convergence in the Treatment of Dominant Firm Conduct: The United States, The European Union, and the Institutional Embeddedness of Economics, 76 Antitrust L. J. 951 (2010).

Anthropology, History and the “More Economic Approach” in European Competition Law-A Review Essay, 41 Int’l Rev. Intell. Prop. Comp. L. 441 (2010).

Steven Heyman‘s new article, The Dark Side of the Force: The Legacy of Justice Holmes for First Amendment Jurisprudence, will appear in the March 2011 issue of the Wm & Mary Bill Rts. J.

Laurie Leader has updated two treatises for which she is the revision author (Volumes 13 and 17, respectively, on Employment and Compensation Agreements and Stock Options and Other Incentive Agreements in Matthew Bender’s Current Legal Forms.

Martin Malin’s article, The Evolving Schizophrenic Nature of Labor Arbitration was published in 2010 J. Disp. Resol. 57.

Professor Malin also published In Honor of Clyde W. Summers: An Introduction to a Special Symposium, 14 Emp. Rts. & Emp. Pol’y J. 1 (2010) (with Douglas D. Scherer).

Nancy Marder published an op-ed piece, Women and Jury Service, in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin on August 27, 2010.

Sheldon Nahmod’s update to his treatise, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983 (4th ed. Thomson/West, 1997), was published in September, 2010.

Henry Perritt’s treatise, Law and the Information Superhighway, 4th ed. Aspen, 2010, has been released by the publisher with a new title, Digital Communications Law.

Professor Perritt’s article, New Business Models for Music, is being published this fall by Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal.

Professor Perritt’s article, Technologies of Storytelling: New Models for Movies, is being published this fall by Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal.

César Rosado Marzán’s op-ed on the Chilean miners and labor law in Chile, Working for Another Miracle, was published in the September 13, 2010 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

David Schwartz has published Pre-Markman Reversal Rates, 43 Loy. L.A. L. Rev. 1073 (2010) as part of a symposium on The Federal Circuit as an Institution.

His article, Explaining the Demise of the Doctrine of Equivalents, was accepted for publication in the Berkeley Tech. L.J. It is forthcoming in 2011.

Professor Schwartz’s article, The Use of Legal Scholarship by the Federal Courts of Appeals: An Empirical Study, was accepted for publication in the Cornell L. Rev. It is forthcoming in 2011 (with Lee Petherbridge).

Stephanie Stern has published her article, The Inviolate Home: Housing Exceptionalism in the Fourth Amendment, 95 Cornell L. Rev. 905 (2010).

Dan Tarlock has published a chapter, Chapter V, USA in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in Town Planning Law and/und Energieeffizienz und Erneuerbare Energien im Staedtebaurecht (2010), English and German text.

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