Publications – October 2003

Professor Mark Bauer has finished writing Small Liberal Arts College, Fraternities and Antitrust: Rethinking Hamilton College.   It will be published in the Catholic University Law Review, Winter 2004.

Professor Claire Hill has a forthcoming book review of Taxing Choices by Rebecca Johnson to be published in Canadian Journal of Law and Society.  Beyond Mistakes: the Next Wave of Behavioral Law and Economics will be published in the Queen’s Law Journal (Kingston, Ontario, Canada) as the Galway Lecture.

Regulating the Rating Agencies is forthcoming in Washington University Law Quarterly.  Law and Economics in the Personal Sphere, a Review Essay, will be in Law and Social Inquiry.

Professor Timothy Holbrook will have an invited essay,The Supreme Court’s Complicity in Federal Circuit Formalism, 20 Santa Clara Computer & High Tech. L.J. 1 (2003) (forthcoming 2004).

His Symposium article, The Treaty Power and the Patent Clause: Are There Limits on the United States’ Ability to Harmonize? will be published in ___ Cardozo Arts & Ent. L. J. ___ (forthcoming 2004).

Professor Marcia McCormick will have her article, Federalism Re-Constructed: The Eleventh Amendment’s Illogical Impact on Congress’ Power published in ___ Ind. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming February 2004).

Professor Nancy Marder has contributed a book chapter, “Cyberjuries: A Model of Deliberative Democracy?” for a book entitled The Prospects for Electronic Democracy, edited by Peter Shane and to be published by Routledge, Inc.

She contributed two short essays on the jury for the Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties

Professor Joe Morrissey will have his article, Catching the Culprits: Are the Securities Fraud Laws Any More Effective After Sarbanes-Oxley? published in ___Columbus Bus. L. Rev. (forthcoming December 2003

Professor Jeffrey Sherman will have a previously published law review article excerpted in the new edition of Roger Anderson, et al., Fundamentals of Trusts and Estates (Matthew Bender). The article is Posthumous Meddling: An Instumentalist Theory of Testamentary Restraints on Conjugal and Religious Choices, 2000 U. Ill. L. Rev. 1273.

Professor Joan Steinman has completed the manuscript for the April 2004 pocket parts for volumes 14B and 14C of the Wright and Miller treatise, Federal Practice and Procedure (West Publishing Co.).

Her article, Shining a Light in a Dim Corner: Standing to Appeal and the Right to Defend a Judgment in the Federal Courts, will be published in 38 Ga. L. Rev.  ___ (2004).

Professor Alexander Tsesis has three articles forthcoming in 2004. Regulating Intimidating Speech will be in 41 Harvard Journal on Legislation.  Furthering Freedom: Civil Rights & the Thirteenth Amendment will be in 44 Boston College Law Review.  Justice at War and Brown v. Board of Education will be in 47 Howard Law Journal.

His book, Thirteenth Amendment and Freedom: Historical Context and Legal Theory, will be published by New York University Press in Fall 2004.

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