Publications – November 2012

Lori Andrews’s book entitled I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did: Social Networks and the Death of Privacy,  will be published in paperback by the Free Press, a division of Simon and Schuster, in January 2013.


Evelyn Brody had two pieces published: Sunshine and Shadows on Charity Governance: Public Disclosure as a Regulatory Tool, 12 Fla. Tax Rev. 183 (2012) (a substantially similar version appears at pages 175-206 of the proceedings of the 2011 Internal Revenue Service Research Conference, “New Perspectives on Tax Administration” (2012)); and How Public Is Private Philanthropy? Separating Reality from Myth (Philanthropy Roundtable Monograph, Washington, D.C.: 2d ed. Feb. 2012), at (with John Tyler).


Christopher Buccafusco has two forthcoming articles: What’s a Name Worth?: Valuing Attribution in Intellectual Property LawBoston Univ. Law Review (forthcoming 2013) (with Christopher Sprigman and Zachary Burns); and Do Bad Things Happen When Works Enter the Public Domain?: Empirical Tests of Copyright Term ExtensionBerkeley Technology Law Journal (forthcoming 2013) (with Paul Heald).


Wendy Netter Epstein‘s paper, Contract Theory and the Failures of Public-Private Contracting, has been accepted for publication by the Cardozo Law Review.


Steven Harris‘s article, Perfecting and Maintaining Perfection in Article 9 Security Interests under the 2010 Amendments (with Jason Kilborn and Margit Livingston), was published in the summer 2012 DePaul Business & Commercial Law Journal as part of a symposium on “Recent Developments in UCC Article 9.”


Todd Haugh‘s article, Can the CEO Learn from the Condemned? The Application of Capital Mitigation Strategies to White Collar Cases, was recently published by American University Law Review.


Steven Heyman‘s article, To Drink the Cup of Fury: Funeral Picketing, Public Discourse, and the First Amendment, is being published this month in the Connecticut Law Review.


Valerie Gutmann Koch‘s paper Unique Proposals for Limiting Legal Liability and Encouraging Adherence to Ventilator Allocation Guidelines in an Influenza Pandemic will be published in the DePaul Journal of Health Care Law in early 2013.
Laurie Leader updated two volumes of Matthew Bender’s Current Legal Forms on Stock Options and Other Incentives and on Employment and Compensation Agreements, for which she is the revision author.  She also wrote an article for Professor Henry Perritt‘s 2012 edition of Employment Law Update entitled Extending Overtime Protections to White-Collar Workers Otherwise Known as the ‘New Working Class.’


David Schwartz has three forthcoming articles: Standards of Proof in Civil Litigation: An Experiment from Patent Law, in the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology (with Christopher Seaman); The End of an Epithet: An Exploration of the Use of Legal Scholarship in Intellectual Property Decisions, in 50 Houston Law Review‘s forthcoming symposium issue (with Lee Petherbridge); and The Rise of Contingent Fee Representation in Patent Litigation, in the Alabama Law Review.

Professor Schwartz also has two recently-published articles: An Empirical Assessment of the Supreme Court’s Use of Legal Scholarship, 106 Nw. U. L. Rev. 995 (2012) (with Lee Petherbridge); and Analyzing the Role of Non-Practicing Entities in the Patent System, 56 Intell. Asset Mgmt. 10 (Nov. 2012).


Joan Steinman has completed her submission of the 2013 Pocket Parts to volumes 14B and C of Wright & Miller’s Federal Practice and Procedure treatise.


Dan Tarlock‘s Hydro Law and the Future of Hydroelectric Power Generation in the United States will be published by the Vanderbilt Law Review in November.

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