Publications – November 2008

Evelyn Brody has published two articles:

Governing the U.S. Nonprofit Organization: Accommodating Autonomy in Organizational Law, 46 Canadian Bus. L.J. 343 (2008).

Draft Model Nonprofit Corporation Act Needs Coordination with Tax Code, 119 Tax Notes 617 (May 12, 2008) (with Marion Fremont-Smith).

Ted Field has a forthcoming article, Improving the Federal Circuit’s Approach to Choice of Law for Procedural Matters in Patent Cases, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. (forthcoming April 2009).

Harold Krent published a review of George P. Fletcher and Jens David Ohlin’s book, Defending Humanity: When Force is Justified and Why, 18 Law & Pol. Book Rev. 933 (2008).

Martin Malin has published two articles:

Revisiting the Meltzer-Howlett Debate over External Law in Labor Arbitration: Time for Courts to Declare Howlett the Winner?, 24 Lab. Law. 1 (2008).

Political Ideology and Labor Arbitrators Decision-making in Work-Family Conflict Cases, 34 Personality & Soc. Psychol. Bull. 888 (2008) (with M. Biernat) (supported by a grant from the National Academy of Arbitrators Research & Education Foundation).

Richard Wright’s paper, The Nightmare and the Noble Dream: Causation and Responsibility, was published in The Legacy of H.L.A. Hart: Legal, Political, and Moral Philosophy (Oxford University Press 2008), along with papers by other leading experts on the main topics addressed by Hart’s philosophical writings.  The papers were commissioned for a British Academy Symposium held at Cambridge University, England in July 2007 to mark the centenary of Hart’s birth, which was attended by delegates from every continent except Antarctica.

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