Publications – February 2015

Lori Andrews has been working on projects analyzing the legal issues raised by gamification. She and others have contributed chapters to a new book to ask, “Can game design energize society and individuals, or will algorithmic incentive systems become our new robot overlords?” Her chapter, Privacy and Data Collection in the Gameful World, appears in The Gameful World: Approaches, Issues, Applications (Steffen P. Walz and Sebastian Deterding, eds.) (MIT Press: Cambridge 2015), which was released January 2015.

Lori Andrews, Michael Holloway and Dan Massoglia released a policy paper on the legal conundrums caused by webcams: Digital Peepholes – Remote Activation of Webcams: Technology, Law, and Policy. Lori also wrote an op-ed piece for the Chicago Tribune, “All I Want for Christmas is Internet Privacy,” which asked Congress for stricter laws to protect privacy online. She and her collaborators, Maxwell Mehlman and Mark Rothstein, have just completed the fourth edition of their casebook Genetics: Ethics, Law and Policy (West Publishing 2015) which will be published later this year.


Valerie Gutmann Koch‘s article A Private Right of Action for Informed Consent was published at 45 Seton Hall L. Rev. 173 (2015). Her book chapter in Prenatal and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: The Burden of Choice (Springer) will be published this summer.


Steve Heyman‘s article The Conservative-Libertarian Turn in First Amendment Jurisprudence was recently published in the West Virginia Law Review. The article is an expanded version of the third annual C. Edwin Baker Lecture for Liberty, Equality, and Democracy, which Professor Heyman gave at West Virginia University College of Law last April. He also presented this paper at Chicago-Kent as part of the university’s celebration of Constitution Day in September, and to members of the Osher Lifelong Learning Center at Northwestern University in December.


Sheldon Nahmod published the 4th edition of his casebook, Constitutional Torts (with Wells, Eaton, Smith), which will be available this spring.


Henry Perritt‘s article Sharing Public Safety Helicopters, co-authored with Eliot O. Sprague and Chicago-Kent adjunct professor Christopher L. Cue, has been published by the SMU Journal of Air Law and Commerce.

Professor Perritt’s article Drones, co-authored with Eliot O. Sprague, is in editorial production with the Vanderbilt journal of Entertainment and Technology Law,

An additional article by Professor Perritt and Eliot O. Sprague, Law Abiding Drones, has been accepted by the Columbia University Law School Technology Journal.


Nancy Marder‘s article Jurors and Social Media: Is a Fair Trial Still Possible? was published at 67 SMU L. Rev. 617 (2014), which was a symposium issue consisting of articles presented at a Criminal Justice Colloquium held at SMU in January 2014.


César Rosado Marzán’s new edited book (with Maron Kebede, C-K ‘15) The Regulation of Compensation: Proceedings of the NYU 66th Annual Conference on Labor was published by Lexis in November 2014.


Christopher Schmidt‘s article New York Times v. Sullivan and the Legal Attack on the Civil Rights Movement was published at 66 Ala. L. Rev. 293 (2014).


David Schwartz published the article Unpacking Patent Assertion Entities with Christopher A. Cotropia and Jay P. Kesan at 99 Minn. L. Rev. 649 (2014).


Two short articles by Ronald Staudt about access to justice and pro bono solutions will be published in the next few weeks: The College of Law Practice Management Gives Back, in ABA Law Practice, March/April 2015, and Inventing a 100% Future for Legal Aid in the MIE Journal, Volume XXVIII, Number 4, Winter 2014, p. 32.


Joan Steinman submitted the 2015 Pocket Parts to Volumes 14B & C of the Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure treatise, which should be published in April 2015. Her article The Puzzling Appeal of Summary Judgment Denials: When are Such Denials Reviewable? will be published in February or March 2015 in the 2014 Michigan State Law Review.


Adrian Walters‘s article Statutory Erosion of Secured Creditors’ Rights: Some Insights from the United Kingdom will shortly appear at 2015 U. of Ill. L. Rev. 101.

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