Publications – February 2011

Lori Andrews has two forthcoming articles:

Sculpting Public Policy through Bioart, in Art et Biotechnologies, (Ernestine Daubner and Louise Poissant, eds., University of Quebec: Quebec, forthcoming 2011) (with Jalissa Bauman Horne).

A Pound of Flesh: Patient Legal Action for Human Research Protections in the Biotech Age, in Impatient Voices: Patients as Policy Actors for U.S. Health Care, (Beatrix Hoffman, Rachael Grob and Mark Schlesinger, eds., Rutgers University Press, forthcoming 2011) (with Julie Burger).

Professor Andrews recently published the article Privacy, Please: How Facebook Jeopardizes Your Private Life, Playboy 167-168 (January 2011).

Felice Batlan has published The Birth of Legal Aid: Gender Ideologies, Women, and the Bar in New York City, 1863-1910, 28 Law & Hist. Rev. 931 (2010).

Christopher Buccafusco has written a review of David H. Kaye, The Double Helix and the Law of Evidence, ___ Law & Hist. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2011).

The Creativity Effect, U. Chi. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2011) (with Christopher Sprigman).

Richard Gonzalez and Laurie Leader co-authored the current supplement to the Lineman & Grossman treatise, Employment Discrimination Law. The supplement was published by BNA in December 2010.

Steven Harris has completed the fifth edition of his casebook, Security Interests in Personal Property. Foundation Press will publish the book, which includes new materials on the 2010 amendments to UCC Article 9, in time for fall classes (with Charles W. Mooney, Jr.).

The Gonzaga Law Review will publish Using First Principles of UCC Article 9 to Solve Statutory Puzzles in Receivables Financing in a symposium issue commemorating the tenth anniversary of revised UCC Article 9 (with Charles W. Mooney, Jr.).

Richard Kling wrote an article published in December by the Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers on “Forfeiture by Wrongdoing” (the so-called Drew Peterson hearsay exception).

Harold Krent published The Private Performing the Public: Delimiting Delegations to Private Parties, as part of a symposium, 65 U. Miami L. Rev. 507 (2011).

Martin Malin’s book, Public Sector Employment: Cases and Materials (2d ed. Thomson/West 2011) has been published.

Nancy Marder wrote a dedication piece to Justice Stevens, Jurisprudence of Respect, which will be published in 44 Loyola L.A. L. Rev. ___ (2011) as part of its inaugural Supreme Court issue. This Supreme Court issue will be in honor of Justice Stevens and his work on the Court and retirement from the bench.

David Schwartz’s book review of David Hricik, Patent Ethics: Litigation will be forthcoming in the IP Law Book Review.

Carolyn Shapiro has published two articles:

Oral Dissenting in the Supreme Court, 19 Wm & Mary Bill Rts. J. 75 (2010) (with Christopher Schmidt).

The Context of Ideology: Law, Politics, and Empirical Legal Scholarship, published 75 Mo. L. Rev. 79 (2010).

Michael Spak has published Medical Records Retention Guide, 3d ed (Veterans Press, 2011) (with Jonathan Tomes).

Joan Steinman has completed work on the 2011 Pocket Parts to volumes 14B and 14C of Wright & Miller, Federal Practice & Procedure and they are forthcoming.

Dan Tarlock has published Tribal Justice and Property Rights: The Evolution of Winters v. United States, 51 Nat. Resources J. 471 (2010).

Richard Warner has a forthcoming book, law review article, two chapters, and an encyclopedia entry:

Unauthorized Access: The Crisis in Online Privacy and Information Security (Chapman and Hall/CRC, forthcoming 2011) (with Robert Sloan).

Norms Undermined: The Corrosive Effect of Information Processing Technology on Informational Privacy, ___ Saint Louis U. L. Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2011).

The Undermining Impact of Information Processing on Informational Privacy, in Rights of Personality in the XXI Century (Justyna Balcarczyk, ed. Wolters-Kluwer, forthcoming 2011) (with Robert Sloan).

Local or Global?:  Morals from Federal Preemption Doctrine, in Federalism or Unitary System? Determinants, Effects, and the Influence on the Legal Regulation of States (Katarzya Machowska, ed., Catholic Univ. of Lublin, forthcoming 2011).

Austin, J. L., in Wiley-Blackwell’s International Encyclopedia of Ethics (Hugh LaFollette, ed., forthcoming 2011).

Professor Warner has published his article, Turned On Its Head?: Norms, Freedom, and Acceptable Terms in Internet Contracting, 14 J. Internet Law 18 (2010).