Publications – February 2004

Lori Andrews has published Changing Conceptions,” in Living with the Genie: Essays on Technology and the Quest for Human Mastery (A. Lightman, D. Sarewitz, and C. Desser, eds., Island Press 2003).

Evelyn Brody will have her article, Whose Public?: Parochialism and Paternalism in State Charity Law Enforcement, published in 79 Indiana Law Journal (issue 4, forthcoming, 2004).

The book she edited and contributed to, Property-Tax Exemption for Charities: Mapping the Battlefield (Urban Institute Press, 2002), was reviewed by John A. Swain, 41 J. Econ. Lit. 1311 (Dec. 2003); by Daphne A. Kenyon, 66 Nat’l Tax J. 895 (Dec. 2003); and by Susan E. Anderson, 25 J. Amer. Tax’n Assoc. 131 (Spring 2003).

Sungjoon Cho has two law review articles forthcoming in 2004.  The Nature of Remedies in International Trade Law will be published in 65 U. Pitt. L. Rev. and A Bridge Too far: the Fall of the Fifth WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancun and the Future of Trade Constitution will be in 7 J. Int’l Econ. L.

Professor Cho has also written a chapter for a book that is forthcoming in 2004: Rethinking APEC: A New Experiment for a Post-Modern Institutional Arrangement,” in New Perspectives on the World Trading System: WTO and East Asia (Mitsuo Matushita & Dukgeun Ahn, eds. 2004)

Graeme Dinwoodie has two law review articles forthcoming in 2004.

International Intellectual Property Law and the Public Domain of Science will be in 7 Journal of International Economic Law (co-authored with R. Dreyfuss). Private Ordering and the Creation of International Copyright Norms: The Role of Public Structuring, will be in 160 Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics.

Professor Dinwoodie has a chapter, also co-authored with R. Dreyfuss, “WTO Dispute Resolution and The Preservation of The Public Domain Under International Law,” in International Public Goods and Transfer of Technology Under a Globalized Intellectual Property Regime (Maskus and Reichman eds., Cambridge Univ. Press, forthcoming in 2004).

Professor Dinwoodie also has two books that will be published in 2004. Trademark and Unfair Competition Law(co-authored with with M. Janis, Aspen Law Publishing) and International and Comparative Trademark and Unfair Competition Law (co-authored with with S. Perlmutter and W. Hennessey, LexisNexis Publishing).

Timothy Holbrook has an invited essay, The Supreme Court’s Complicity in Federal Circuit Formalism in 20 Santa Clara Computer & High Tech.

L. J. 1 (2003).

Martin Malin has just published his book, Public Sector Employment: Cases and Materials (co-authored with J. Grodin and J. Weisberger, West, 2003).

Professor Malin’s article, Interference with Rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act will be published in 2004 in Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal. The article discusses the difference between the FMLA’s prohibition on interferences with, restraint or denial of FMLA rights and statutory anti-discrimination provisions and discusses the relevance of social cognition theory to protecting FMLA rights.

Nancy Marder is co-author, along with Judith Resnick, of a Teacher’s Manual for “Adjudication and Its Alternatives: An Introduction to Procedure.”

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