Publications – August 2009

Lori Andrews published an article in the May issue of Playboymagazine entitled, Who’s Your Daddy?: A Sperm Donor’s Life Has Become Awfully Complicated.

She also contributed a chapter, Assessing Values to Set Policies for Consent, Storage, and use of Tissue and Information in Biobanks, to Kris Dierickx and Pascal Barry eds., New Challenges for Biobanks: Ethics, Law and Governance (Intersentia Uitgeverij Nv, forthcoming 2010).

William Birdthistle wrote amicus briefs as Counsel of Record in two cases:

Brief of Amici Curiae Law Professors in Support of Petitioners (June 15, 2009), Jones v. Harris Associates L.P., 129 S. Ct. 1579 (U.S. 2009).

Brief of Amici Curiae Law Professors in Support of the Petition for Rehearing En Banc (March 18, 2009), Hecker v. Deere & Co., 556 F.3d 575 (7th Cir. 2009).

Professor Birdthistle reviewed two books:

Portfolio of Eloquence, Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2009, at A13 (reviewing Frank O’Connor, The Best of Frank O’Connor (Julian Barnes ed.)).

In Search of the Classic Irish Pub, Wall Street Journal, March 14, 2009, at W9 (reviewing Bill Barich, A Pint of Plain (2009)).

Steven Harris’s chapter on The Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment appears in Hawkland’s Uniform Commercial Code Series (Thomson/West).

Nancy Marder’s chapter, Judging Judge Judy, was published in Lawyers in Your Living Room!  Law on Television (Michael Asimow ed., American Bar Association, 2009).

Professor Marder’s symposium piece, Jury Reform:  The Impossible Dream?, was published in 5 Tenn. J.L. & Pol’y 149 (2009).

Professor Marder’s symposium piece, From “Practical Obscurity” to Web Disclosure:  A New Understanding of Public Information, was published in 59 Syracuse. L. Rev. 441 (2009).

Professor Marder’s article, The Myth of the Nullifying Jury, which was originally published in 93 Nw. U.L. Rev. 877 (1999), was just reprinted in The Right to a Fair Trial (Thom Brooks ed., 2009), a new volume in the series entitled The International Library of Essays on Rights.

Henry Perritt’s second book on Kosovo, Independence for Kosovo: Chronicle of the Ahtisaari Plan, is scheduled for release by Cambridge University Press in October 2009.

David Rudstein just submitted the manuscript for the 2009-10 update to his treatise, Criminal Constitutional Law (LexisNexis) (with D. Thomas & C.P. Erlander).  It incorporates decisions from the Supreme Court’s 2008-09 term as well as state and lower federal court decisions.

Christopher Schmidt has published Listening to History? Parents Involved, Brown, and the Colorblind Constitution, The Legal Workshop (April 30, 2009).

Ronald Staudt’s article, All the Wild Possibiities: Technology That Attacks Barriers to Access to Justice, has been accepted for publication and will be published in the Loyola Los Angeles Law Review this fall.

Joan Steinman co-authored the 2009 Supplement to Appellate Courts: Structures, Functions, Processes, and Personnel (2d ed.), which was published this Summer. In addition, Professor Steinman completed work on Volumes 14B and C of the Wright and Miller Federal Practice and Procedure treatise, and the new volumes should be delivered to subscribers in September 2009. She currently is working on the 2010 Pocket Parts for these volumes.

Keith Ann Stiverson was responsible for revising chapter 13, Administrative Law in the recently published 9th edition of Roy Mersky and Don Dunn’s Fundamentals of Legal Research.

Dan Tarlock has published Water Resource Management (with Professors David Getches, James Corbridge and Reed Benson, 6th ed., Thomson/West, 2009).

Professor Tarlock has recently published three articles:

Fat and Fried: Linking Land Use Law, the Risks of Obesity, and Climate Change, 3 Pittsburgh J. Envtl. And Public Health L. 31 (2009).

The International Joint Commission and Great Lakes Diversions: Indirectly Extending the Reach of the Boundary Waters Treaty, 54 Wayne State L. Rev. 1661 (2009).

Water Security, Fear Mitigation and International Water Law,

31 Hamline L. Rev. 703 (2008)[published 2009].

The 2009 Release for Law of Water Rights and Resources has been published.

Professor Tarlock has written the Introduction to 2009- 2010 Land Use and Environmental Law Review.The Review is an annual anthology of the best law review articles, published by Thomson/West.

Richard Wright has agreed to write reviews of Professor Michael Moore’s book, Causation and Responsibility: An Essay in Law, Morals, and Metaphysics (Oxford University Press 2009), for the Texas Law Review and the Journal of Law and Society.

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