Publications – August 2008

Lori Andrews authored articles and chapters related to nanotechnology, literature, patents and bioethics in recent months, including:

DNA Inside, J. Life Sci. 46-51 (June/July 2008).

Lori Andrews Reads The Journalist and the Murderer in New Orleans, Louisiana, in Field Tested Books 74-75 (Coudal Partners, 2008).

Influenza Genetic Sequence Patents: Where Intellectual Property Clashes With Public Health Needs, 3 Future Virology 235-241 (May 2008) (with L.A. Shackleton).

Is There a Right to Clone? Constitutional Challenges to Bans on Human Cloning, in The Reproductive Rights Reader (Nancy Ehrenreich ed., New York University Press, 2008).

Professor Andrews also wrote two articles on legal issues for Parade magazine—one on discrimination based on weight and the other on the rights of children of sperm donors.

William Birdthistle’s article, One Hat Too Many?: Investment Desegregation in Private Equity (with Todd Henderson) will be published in the Winter 2009 issue of the University of Chicago Law Review.

Laurie Leader was the revision author for Volume 17 of Rabkin & Johnson, Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis, entitled Stock Options and Other Incentive Agreements, submitted in mid-July (LexisNexis, publisher).

Professor Leader authored a 50-page booklet on Fair Labor Standards Act class actions for LexisNexis (submitted in May 2008).

Philip Hablutzel’s revised chapter, Dissolution of Partnerships was published in a volume of the Illinois Business Law Series by the Illinois Institute of Continuing Education in Spring 2008.

Nancy Marder’s book chapter, Judging Judge Judy, will be published in Lawyers in Your Living Room!  Law on Television (Michael Asimow ed., forthcoming 2008).

Sheldon Nahmod completed the 2008 Update to his treatise, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983 (4th ed.Thomson/West, 1997).

He completed the 2008 Supplement to his casebook, Constitutional Torts (2nd ed. Lexis-Nexis, 2004) (with Wells and Eaton)

Professor Nahmod completed an article, Academic Freedom and the Post-Garcetti Blues, to be published in the First Amendment Law Review (University of North Carolina Law School) in Fall 2008.

Henry Perritt’s book, Kosovo Liberation Army: The Inside Story of an Insurgency has been published in English by the University of Illinois Press and in Albanian by Koha Ditore, the main newspaper in Kosovo, which also has a book publishing affiliate.

David Rudstein had two books published in August 2008 by Vandeplas Publishing:   Criminal Law: Cases, Materials, and Problems (2d ed.) and Criminal Procedure: The Investigative Process.

Professor Rudstein has published his article, Retrying the Acquitted in England Part II: The Exception to the Rule Against Double Jeopardy for ‘Tainted Acquittals,’ 9 S.D.I.L.J. 217  (2008).

Carolyn Shapiro’s article, Coding Complexity: Bringing Law to the Empirical Analysis of the Supreme Court is forthcoming in 60 Hastings L. J. ___ (2009).

Professor Shapiro’s chapter, Recent Developments Affecting the Ethical Obligations of Attorneys in Class Actions, was published in Practising Law Institute’s 8th Annual Municipal Law Institute Course Handbook (2008).

Jeffrey Sherman’s article Can Religious Influence Ever Be “Undue” Influence? was just published in 73 Brooklyn L. Rev. 579 (2008).

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