Publications – August 2006

Lori Andrews’s article, The Battle over the Body, will appear in Trial in October 2006.

Professor Andrews has published Brave New Babies, 9.3 DePaul J. Health Care L. 1355 (2006)(reviewing Judith Daar, Reproductive Technologies and the Law (2006)).

Bernadette Atuahene has published her article, Land Titling: A Mode of Privatization with the Potential to Deepen Democracy, 50 St. Louis U. L.J. 761 (2006).

Professor Atuahene’s article, Legitimizing Property Rights When Past Theft Colors the Distribution of Property, is forthcoming in Berkeley Journal of International Law.

Evelyn Brody has contributed chapters to two books which are are now in press:

Tax Treatment of Nonprofit Organizations: A Two-Edged Sword? (with Joseph Cordes), in Nonprofits and Government: Collaboration and Conflict (Elizabeth Boris and C. Eugene Steuerle eds., 2d ed., The Urban Institute Press).

The Legal Framework for Nonprofit Organizations, in The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook (Richard Steinberg and Walter W. Powell, eds., 2d ed., Yale University Press).

Timothy Holbrook has a forthcoming article, The Expressive Impact of Patents, that will be published in 2007 in Washington University Law Review. His chapter, The Risks of Early Commercialization of an Invention: the On-Sale Bar to Patentability, will be published in Intellectual Property and Information Wealth (P. Yu ed., Praeger Publishers, forthcoming 2006).

Professor Holbrook has published two recent articles:

Possession in Patent Law, 59 SMU L. Rev. 123 (2006).

The Intent Element of Induced Infringement, 22 Santa Clara Computer & High Tech. L.J. 399 (2006).

Nancy Marder’s Introduction to Secrecy in Litigation is about to be published in 82 Chicago-Kent L. Rev. ___ (2006). Professor Marder also served as the Symposium Editor for this issue of the law review

Sheldon Nahmod completed the extensive 2006 Update to his treatise, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Litigation: The Law of Section 1983 (4th ed., West Publishing, 1997, 2006).

In addition, Professor Nahmod completed the 2006 Supplement to his casebook, Constitutional Torts (2d ed., LexisNexis, 2004)(with Wells and Eaton).

Henry Perritt completed an article on the law of armed conflict as applied to guerrilla insurgencies. He also finalized his article on the economics of digital music, and presented it at the Intellectual Property Scholars Conference at UC Berkeley School of Law in early August 2006.

David Rudstein has completed work on and submitted the manuscript for the 2006 annual update to his three-volume treatise on criminal procedure, Criminal Constitutional Law, published by LexisNexis/Matthew Bender.

Michael Spak has published A Survey of Commercial Law (West Publishing, 2006).

Ronald Staudt has published two articles:

Technology for Justice Customers: Bridging the Digital Divide Facing Self-Represented Litigants, 5 Md. L. J.Race, Religion, Gender & Class 71 (2005).

Democracy, Paper and Gray Cats, A Tribute to Peter Seipel (Festskrift till Peter Seipel, 2006).

Joan Steinman’s casebook (and Teacher’s Manual) was published this month: Meador, Baker, Steinman, Appellate Courts: Structures, Functions, Processes, and Personnel (LexisNexis 2006).

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