Publications – April 2014

Valerie Gutmann Koch‘s article, A Private Right of Action for Informed Consent in Research, will be published in the first issue of volume 45 of the Seton Hall Law Review.  Her article, “Of Vital Importance”: The New York State Task Force on Life and the Law’s Report and Recommendations for Research with Human Subjects Who Lack Consent Capacity, authored with Susie A. Han, will  be published in the Spring issue of the New York State Bar Association Health Law Journal.



Todd Haugh‘s article, Sentencing the Why of White Collar Crime, will be published in April 2014 in the Fordham Law Review.  His new essay, The Reform Commission, will be published in the April edition of the Federal Sentencing Reporter.  He was also quoted in two news articles regarding insider trading and accounting fraud in Law360 and BuzzFeed Business.



Harold Krent published an op-ed in the National Law Journal in March 2014 entitled The Fair Sentencing Act’s Unfair Results.



Sheldon Nahmod‘s article, Section 1983 Is Born: The Interlocking Supreme Court Stories of Tenney and Monroe, has just been published in the Lewis & Clark Law Review.  His blog,, has received well over 100,000 views. The blog focuses on constitutional law, the First Amendment, and section 1983.  @NahmodLaw on Twitter, only a few months old, already has 200 followers.



The Arizona State Law Journal published Christopher Schmidt‘s article, Explaining the Baseball Revolution.  He also recently published a book review in The Historian.



David Schwartz‘s article, Unpacking Patent Assertion Entities, which he co-authored with Jay Kesan from the University of Illinois and Christopher Cotropia from the University of Richmond, was accepted for publication in the Minnesota Law Review.  His article, Understanding the Realities of Modern Patent Litigation, which he co-authored with John Allison from the University of Texas and Mark Lemley from Stanford, will be published in the Texas Law Review.  He also blogged a post The Value of Open Data for Patent Policy on the Patently-O Blog on February 20, 2014.



Joan Steinman’s article, The Puzzling Appeal of Summary Judgment Denials: When are Such Denials Reviewable?, will be published in the 2014 Michigan State Law Review. The 2014 Pocket Parts to Volumes 14B & C of the Wright & Miller Federal Practice and Procedure treatise, covering all aspects of removal and remand, are about to be published.



The 2013 Workshop Proceedings of the Future of Privacy Forum published Richard Warner‘s Big Data and the “New” Privacy Tradeoff, co-authored with Robert Sloan.  Richard Warner revised and updated an entry on “Paul Grice”, co-authored with Richard Grandy, in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.  His article, Beyond Notice and Choice: Privacy, Norms, and Online Consent, co-authored with Robert Sloan, will be published in a 2014 issue of the Suffolk University Journal of High Technology Law.  His article, Self, Privacy, and Power: Is It All Over?, co-authored with Robert Sloan, will be published in a 2014 issue of the Tulane Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property.  His article, A Modest Proposal to the NSA, co-authored with Chris Kanich, Robert Sloan, and Lenore Zuck, will be published in a 2014 issue of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.



Richard Wright’s essay, The NESS Account of Causation: A Response to Critics, is being translated into Spanish, to be published as La Cuenta NESS de Natural Causalidad: Una Respuesta a Las Críticas, in Causalidad en Derecho de Daños (Jorge Fabra & Carlos Bernal Pulido, eds., Departamento de Publicaciones de la Universidad Externado de Colombia 2015).

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