Publications – April 2005

Lori Andrews recently published Patents on Human Genes-An Analysis of Scope and Claims, 307 Science 1566 (March 11, 2005) (co-authored with Professor Timothy Holbrook and Jordan Paradise, a Fellow at the Institute for Science, Law and Technology).

Professor Andrews has recently published three other articles:

Harnessing the Benefits of Biobanks, 33 J. Law, Med. & Ethics 1 (2005).

Bioethics: The Beginning and End of Life, Illinois Issues 16-21 (March 2005).

Gene Patents:The Need for Bioethics Scrutiny and Legal Change, 5 Yale J. Health Pol’y, L. & Ethics 403 (2005) (with Jordan Paradise).

Evelyn Brody contributed to a three-volume compilation on American philanthropy, Philanthropy in the United States: An Encyclopedia, edited by Dwight Burlingame (ABC-CLIO 2004). Professor Brody’s article is Tax Deduction and Philanthropy.

Graeme Dinwoodie has a forthcoming article, TRIPS and the Dynamics of Intellectual Property Lawmaking, 36 Case W. Res. J. Int’l L. 95 (2005) (with Rochelle Dreyfuss) (symposium issue).

Towards an International Framework for the Protection of Traditional Knowledge, (study commissioned by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) will be published in Elements of National Sui Generis Systems for the Preservation, Protection and Promotion of Traditional Knowledge: Innovations and Practices and Options for an International Framework (Twarog and Turner eds., 2005).

Professor Dinwoodie has published three chapters in books:

Use, Intent to Use, and Related Concepts in the United States, in Trademark Use (Philips and Simon eds., 2005) (with Mark Janis).

The Rational Limits of Trademark Law (2000) (plus 2005 Postscript), in U.S. Intellectual Property: Law and Policy (Hansen ed., 2005).
Conflicts and International Copyright Litigation: the Role of International Norms, in Intellectual Property in the Conflict of Laws 195 (Basedow, Drexl, Kur and Metzger eds., 2005).

Timothy Holbrook recently published Patents on Human Genes-An Analysis of Scope and Claims, 307 Science 1566 (March 11, 2005) (co-authored with Professor Lori Andrews and Jordan Paradise, a Fellow at the Institute for Science, Law and Technology).

Martin Malin’s review of Joseph Slater, Public Workers: Government Employee Unions, the Law and the State 1900-1962 (Cornell University ILR Press) is being published in the journal Labor History.

Nancy Marder’s article, Cyberjuries: The Next New Thing? will appear as part of a symposium issue in 14 Info.& Comm. Tech. L. 83 (forthcoming 2005), a British, peer-reviewed journal.

Sheldon Nahmod’s article, The Pledge As Sacred Political Ritual, is scheduled to be published this May, in 13 Wm. & Mary Bill Rts J. ___ (2005).

Kristen Osenga’s article, Entrance Ramps, Tolls, and Express Lanes–Proposals for Decreasing Traffic Congestion in the Patent Office, is forthcoming at 33 Fla. St. U. L. R. ___ (Fall 2005).

Michael Pardo’s article, Disentangling the Fourth Amendment and the Self-Incrimination Clause, is forthcoming at 90 Iowa L. Rev. ___ (2005).

Henry Perritt has published an article, Iraq and the Future of United States Foreign Policy: Failures of Legitimacy, 31 Syracuse J. Int’l L. & Com. 151 (2004).

Professor Perritt has two articles in the recently published Chicago-Kent Law Review issue containing articles from the Symposium on Final Status for Kosovo:

Final Status for Kosovo, 80 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 3 (2005) and Resolving Claims When Countries Disintegrate: The Challenge of Kosovo, 80 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. 119 (2005).

The Symposium was held at Chicago-Kent in April 2004, and was co-sponsored by Northwestern University, the Tribune-McCormick Foundation, the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations and the University of Pristina Law Faculty. Professor Perritt edited the symposium issue and wrote the introduction.

Ronald Staudt has had his article Technology for Justice Customers, accepted for publication in ___ U. Md. L. J. Race, Religion, Gender & Class ___ (forthcoming May 2005).

Joan Steinman’s article, Irregulars: The Appellate Rights of Persons who are Not Full-Fledged Parties, is forthcoming at 39 Ga. L. Rev. ___ (2005). The 2005 Pocket Parts to the Wright & Miller Federal Practice & Procedure treatise, which Professor Steinman prepared for Volumes 14B and C, will be published in April 2005.

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