Publications – April 2004

Kari Aamot published a short essay, Scared Silly: How to Push Past Students’ Fear and Grade Pressure to Real Learning, 18 Second Draft: Bull. Legal Writing Inst. 10 (Dec. 2003).

Fred Bosselman has two forthcoming law review articles: A Dozen Biodiversity Puzzles, ___N.Y.U. Envtl. L.J.___ (forthcoming 2004) and Ecological Science for Lawyers,___Se. Envtl. L. Rev.___ (forthcoming 2004). Both are in the editing stage.  His book, The Role of Customary Law in Sustainable Development (with Peter Orebech), will be published by Cambridge University Press.

Graeme Dinwoodie has two forthcoming books: International and Comparative Trademark Law (Lexis Publishing, forthcoming December 2004) and International and Comparative Copyright Law (Lexis Publishing, forthcoming March 2005) (both with S. Perlmutter and W. Hennessey).

Professor Dinwoodie’s remarks to the ALAI Congress were published under the title Commitments to Territoriality in International Copyright Scholarship, in Copyright- Internet World 74 (Brügger ed. 2003).

Timothy Holbrook has published his article, Territoriality Waning? Patent Infringement for Offering in the United States to Sell an Invention Abroad, 37 UC Davis L. Rev. 701 (2004).

Laurie Leader has co-authored an article (with third year law student Melissa Burger), Let’s Get a Vision: Drafting Effective Arbitration Agreements in Employment and Effecting Other Safeguards to Insure Equal Access to Justice, 8 Employee Rights and Employment Policy J. ___ (forthcoming 2004).The article proposes court-annexed arbitrations in employment cases where the parties have reached pre- and post-dispute agreements to arbitrate.

Nancy Marder’s essay, “Cyberjuries: A Model for Deliberative Democracy?” is included in the book Online Democracy (Peter Shane ed.) Routledge, 2004.)

Michael Spak has two forthcoming law review articles: US Military Should Give Up Its Excuses and Change Its Policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Pursue” to Policy of Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation, 80 North Dakota Law Rev. ___ (forthcoming 2004) and Effect of Military Culture on Responding to Sexual Harassment: the Warrior Mystique, 83 Nebraska L. Rev.___ (forthcoming 2004).

Joan Steinman has a forthcoming article, Shining a Light in a Dim Corner:

Standing to Appeal and the Right to Defend a Judgment in the Federal Courts, 38 Georgia Law Review ___ (forthcoming 2004). Her chapter, “Pseudonymous Suits in the USA,” will be published in a forthcoming book written in Spanish, Internet Y Poder Judicial En America Latina Y El Caribe – Reglas de Heredia (Carlos G. Gregorio & Sonia Navarro eds.).

The 2004 pocket parts of Volumes 14B and C of Wright, et al., Federal Practice and Procedure, which are concerned with the removal of cases from state to federal court and which Professor Steinman wrote, should be out any day.

Dan Tarlock has just published his article, Water Supply and Urban Growth in New Mexico: Same Old, Same Old or a New Era?, 43 Nat. Resources J. 803 (2003) (with L. Lucero).

Richard Wright has recently published two articles. The Grounds and Extent of Legal Responsibility, in Symposium on What Do Compensatory Damages Compensate?, 41 San Diego Law Review 1425 (2003, and Hand, Posner, and the Myth of the “Hand Formula”, in Symposium on Negligence in the Law (Part II), 4 Theoretical Inquiries in Law 145 (2003).

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