• Dan Tarlock and Henry Perritt in ScholarRank’s Top 250

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    Chicago-Kent professors Henry H. Perritt, Jr. and A. Dan Tarlock have been listed in ScholarRank’s Top 250 Authors. The list was compiled from HeinOnline’s extensive database and averaged citations and number of times accessed in the database’s records. Professors Tarlock and Perritt are listed alongside legal luminaries both past and present.

    William S. Hein & Co., Inc. is the world’s largest distributor of legal periodicals. Their research and reference tools for law, international relations, political science, and foreign affairs are widely used both online and in over 3,200 locations worldwide.

    Professor Perritt is the author of over 75 law review articles as well as 17 books related to law and technology, international relations, and other fields. He served as Chicago-Kent’s dean from 1997-2002, and has has promoted change and refugee aid through “Project Bosnia” and other programs.

    Professor Tarlock, a member of the Chicago-Kent faculty since 1981, is established as an expert in environmental law, the law of the land, and water use. He has published a treatise and co-authored four casebooks, and is a consultant to local, state, federal, and national agencies, as well as private groups and law firms. He is an elected member of the American Law Institute.

    Read more about Professor Perritt’s work here and Professor Tarlock’s work here.


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