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    Professor and current College of Law Practice Management (COLPM) president Ronald Staudt gives some information about the upcoming 2013 Futures Conference below. Click here for the conference brochure or here to register.

    Staudt_Ronald thumbBy Ronald Staudt

    After a successful Futures Conference at Georgetown Law Center in 2012, the College of Law Practice Management returns this year to Chicago-Kent this Friday, October 4, and Saturday, October 5. This conference is a gathering of experts: managing partners of major law firms, general counsel of large corporations, executives in legal marketing, consulting and management firms, bar leaders, and educators.

    Here are some highlights:

    •  Friday opens with a keynote from Stephen Mayson, Director of the Legal Services Institute in the UK.
    •  Two TED talks on Friday launch small group and plenary discussion of the “Future of the Market for Legal Services” (Ann Lee Gibson) and the “Future of the Law Firm” (Jordan Furlong).
    •  Professor Rene Knake from Michigan State’s Reinvent Law and Professor Katherine Porter from UC Irvine’s Consumer Protection Clinic will accept InnovAction Awards from the College.
    •  On Saturday, I moderate a panel on “Justice, Lawyering and Legal Education in the Digital Age,” featuring Chicago-Kent innovations and partners like John Mayer, the new ABA Legal Rebel and LTN Tech Innovator of the Year.
    •  Professor Bill Henderson (Indiana U. Law School) launches the “Future of Legal Education” with a TED talk, small groups and a plenary session.
    •  Jim Sandman, President of the Legal Services Corporation, speaks on the legal needs of the poor the management needs of the lawyers who serve them.

    Faculty members are welcome and can participate in two ways:

    •  First, you can register and engage the group for the entire conference. The reason registration is important is because of the format. There are three “futures” to be explored: the market for legal services on Friday morning, innovations by lawyers responding to these market forces on Friday afternoon, and innovations in legal education on Saturday morning. Each will start in the auditorium with TED style provocations described above. Gibson speaks about markets at 10 on Friday, Furlong about lawyer innovation at 2 on Friday, and Henderson about law schools at 9:45 on Saturday. After each short talk there will be 10-12 breakouts with pre-assigned facilitators and attendees. So if you want to participate in the breakout discussions, you will need to register in advance.

    •  Second, you can attend anything in the auditorium by just showing up, including: the keynote, the TED talks, the plenary reports from the breakouts, the InnovAction awards, and the Chicago-Kent panel on “Justice, Technology and Legal Education” on Saturday morning.


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