• Weekly Faculty in the News, 7/25

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    A roundup of faculty appearances in news sources and media from the last week.

    7/18 – Professor Nancy Marder was featured in the New York Times‘ “Room for Debate” forum, where five experts discussed the pros and cons of televised trials (“You, the Jury“). Prof. Marder’s contribution, “A Viewer’s Role Is Nothing Like a Juror’s,” argued that “televised criminal trials do more harm than good.”

    7/19 – The story of the Oyez Project’s 20 year journey—from its humble beginnings at Wrigley Field to its recent partnership with the National Science Foundation—was recounted at livescience (“Baseball Helps Humanize the Supreme Court“). Founder Jerry Goldman’s initial idea was to “take the [Supreme Court] down from its exalted status and bring it to the public” by presenting information on justices through a baseball-card-like interface. Since then, Oyez has become a comprehensive multimedia archive of Supreme Court cases which includes over 14,000 hours of audio from oral arguments the court has heard since 1955. Oyez’s current project will digitize legal materials of State Supreme and Federal Appellate Courts (see “Enhancing Public Access to Legal Data” at Government Technology for more details).

    7/21 – Professor Richard Kling was quoted in an LA Times article responding to a reader’s legal question (“Arrest from 1970 on record at airport customs but nowhere else“).

    7/23 – Dean Harold Krent was interviewed for an NBC Chicago article and video on surveillance technology being used by some retailers to track shoppers (“How Some Stores Track Shoppers’ Every Move“). Krent raised the concern that such technologies risk infringing upon the consumer’s right to privacy.


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