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Chicago-Kent Admissions Office

End of 2L Year by Andrea Augustinas, J.D. Candidate 2018

End of 2L Year by Andrea Augustinas, J.D. Candidate 2018 “Carve out some alone time for yourself too, where you can. You’ll need it for the reflecting you’ll be doing, trying to figure out if you’re on course to reach your goals.”

The C-K Advantage

Hello all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with food, family, and fun!  Today we have the honor of having …

Don’t be Scared of the LSAT

So you think you want to go to law school?  After answering “yes” to that important question, you’ll need to take the …

Orientation Week 2015!

The start of a new school year is here!  On Monday, August 17th, orientation began for incoming 1Ls.  The Admissions Office was …

Chicago’s Alfresco Guide – Part 2

Part 2 of the alfresco guide will focus on River West/West Loop. This is especially important because Chicago-Kent is located in the West Loop. Right now students are taking summer classes and judiciously studying for the bar exam, so a little summer sun within walking distance is just what the doctor ordered!

The 606 is now open!

Hi all, Happy Monday!  Unlike the weather predictions (cold and rainy), this weekend turned out to be beautiful!  Maybe not summer-like weather, …