April 27-28, 2018 – Chicago, IL

Hosted at Chicago-Kent College of Law

Every day, law school clinics and students across the nation help their clients break down the barriers that stop them from achieving their goals, and find new ways to improve access to justice. In today’s complex marketplace, access to justice for entrepreneurs means getting the legal help and other support needed to start and grow a business, regardless of means, geography, or immigration status. With the majority of new jobs dependent on future new business success, transactional legal clinics have a key role in (1) spurring innovation, (2) supporting business survival and growth, and (3) preparing the next generation of business lawyers.

Every year, the annual Transactional Clinicians Conference provides clinicians rare opportunities to up their game, both in teaching students and in assisting entrepreneurs.  In 2018, more than one hundred transactional clinicians will join forces in Chicago to take on traditional barriers in teaching and practice that have kept new businesses from accessing high quality legal representation and achieving success as entrepreneurs.